Dashboard Phone Mount

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  • Simple design - easily mount your mobile device
  • Powerful magnet that will not harm your phone
  • Universal Mount, compatible with all smartphones
  • Use with or without a case on your smartphone
  • 1x metal plates included 

Dock your phone anywhere with a flat surface with our fully magnetic sticky dashboard car phone holder.

Once you have installed the mount (instructions included) you will need to attach the metal plate provided; you can either stick one to the back of your phone or slot it between your phone and your phone case. Once this is complete there will be a strong magnetic hold keeping your phone completely secure. This mount features complete 360 degree rotation so it is great for using maps.



Installation must be on a smooth and flat area

Once installed leave for 12-24 hours to fully bond

These mounts are supplied by their official suppliers and are sold with permission from Mega Mounts