About us!

The Finishing Touches Box is owned and run by The Finishing Touches Box Limited. The company was set up by two car enthusiasts in July 2019 after months and months of planning (it takes time to create perfection). The Finishing Touches Box was founded to bring together great, exciting and quality products together in one monthly subscription box!
 The Finishing Touches Box main product is the subscription boxes. A lot of detail and attention has gone into every single box, none are just thrown together. We pride ourselves in providing only the most quality products to all our subscribers, this is why we personally hand select every single product in the boxes, each product has been chosen due to one of 3 reasons... We have used them, We have heard good things or they are new products to the scene and we want to get them out!!!
For more information please feel free to contact us over social media or via contacting a member of out team!